Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bing Photo Backdrop

I'm so excited to be at Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City this week! I've never even been to the US before, so it'll be a totally new experience for me. I was given the amazing opportunity to help create a backdrop for Bing's photo space at Alt, and had a blast putting it all together.

Below is a quick little tutorial if you want to make your own pinwheels for a photo backdrop at your next party. They're so simple, and you can use whatever colours you like!

Supplies: Assorted paper/vellum, ruler, bone folder, clear tape, scissors, glue stick, string.
Step 1: Use your ruler and bone folder to make the first fold on your paper (the paper picture is 12" square).
Step 2: Keep folding back and forth, accordion-style.
Step 3: If you reach the end of the paper and are left with an uneven edge, don't worry! Just trim off the excess.
Step 4: The same goes for the ends - if they are uneven, simply trim them.
Step 5: Fold the accordion in half. Because I used a 12" square paper, I then repeated step 1 to 4 on another identical paper. If you are using wrapping paper or other large paper, you can instead start with a piece that is twice as long as it is short.
Step 6: Use clear tape to attach both accordions together (if using two papers).When taping the pieces together, it's easiest to match them up if the neighbouring accordions look like WW or MM. Trim off an extra fold if necessary.
Step 7: Use string to tie a knot in the middle of the fan. This is how you can attach it to the wall later.
Step 8: Tape the remaining loose sides together, being sure to tape only on the back.

 You can also cut edges and patterns into the accordion before you tape it together to create fun patterns - kind of like a snowflake!

Take a look at the finished backdrop here and here! This post was sponsored by Bing. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Gold Medal Badges

Are you excited for the winter olympics next month? You should make these gold medal badges to celebrate! See the full tutorial right here on Oh Happy Day.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Birthday in a Can

Birthday in a Can

Happy 2014! Check out my first DIY of the year over on Oh Happy Day - click here to see the full tutorial for this birthday can surprise!

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