Tuesday, 19 March 2013

DIY Marbled Easter Shapes

I've been on a marbling kick for the past little while so I've got a number of projects up my sleeve, but since Easter is quickly approaching let's start with these pastel spring shapes. Using this tutorial as a first step, there are a handful of fun ways to use these little guys. I'll be sharing a a few ideas over the next couple days, so stay tuned! But for now, I'll show you how to get started.


Step 1: Mix your paint colours, keeping them vibrant - the white model magic will tone them down later. For all the shapes pictured, two different colours were used.

Step 2: Grab a handful of Model Magic and generously paint alternating coloured stripes on the surface. Depending on how many shapes you want, use as much model magic as you think you'll need. For the chicks, I used roughly the equivalent of two decks of cards and that was enough for seven shapes.

Step 3: Stretch the Model Magic lengthwise a little bit and then twist, painted side in. Fold in half and twist again. Roughly form a ball and knead a few times, until you start to see coloured swirls appear. Do not over knead or the marbling won't be as visible. 

Step 4: On wax paper, use the rolling pin to flatten the Model Magic to a thickness of just less than 1/4". 

Step 5: Before you start cutting out your shapes, take a look at the bottom of the model magic you just rolled flat. Sometimes the marbling on that side looks better; if so, just flip it over and start cutting! Place shapes on another piece of wax paper.

Step 6: Just like with cookies, you can re-roll any extra model magic left over from your first go. The marbling often becomes less bright, but most of the time it's fine after being rolled twice.

Step 7: After you have your shapes all cut, you might notice some rough edges left from the cookie cutter (see the chick above on the left). Simply run your finger along the edge, very gently pressing the excess to the back. Use a soft paintbrush for any small corners that your finger can't access. Let dry for several hours, flipping every few hours if possible. This allows the back to dry more quickly and prevents warping. 

You now have your starting point for several Easter projects! Isn't Model Magic a lot of fun to marble? Its flexibility and stretch remind me of pulling salt-water taffy, and the colour combinations are endless.

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