Sunday, 26 May 2013

Simple Father's Day Gift Idea

With father's day right around the corner, I've been keeping my eyes open everywhere for gift ideas. When browsing the grocery store last week, I saw these colourful pop bottle candies in the bulk section and couldn't help but think of father's day. I know puns can be painful, but hopefully the candy softens the blow a little bit.

Supplies: pop bottle candies*, treat bags (3" x 4"), card stock, alphabet stickers, pencil, marker, ruler, scissors, scallop scissors, stapler. 

*Note: I couldn't find an online source for the exact pop bottles I used, but your local bulk store is sure to have a variety of pop bottle candies.

  1. Cut a rectangle out of card stock to be the tag; the rectangle pictured is 3 1/8" wide by 4" long.
  2. Fold the card stock in half.
  3. Scallop the bottom edges of the tag with your scissors. 
  4. Using a ruler and pencil, sketch out what you want the label to say. Apply the stickers, if using.
  5. Go over your pencil with felt tip marker and erase the pencil lines.
  6. Fill your treat bag with the pop bottle candies.

To finish, fold the tag over the top of the treat bag and staple closed. 

Wouldn't the labels be even more adorable with a child's writing on it? Unfortunately there were no kids around when I made this, and I definitely would have felt bizarre faking it! 


  1. heehee! totally cute! ^__^

    PS i love a good pun! but i'm a nerd. :)

    1. Thanks Lyndsay! And I'm glad I'm not alone about loving puns - definitely a guilty pleasure!


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