Friday, 7 February 2014

Nautical Valentines

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, most stores are full of festive decorations, toys, and treats. While at my local dollar store, I was surprised to see they already have summer beach toys available! Even though the summer is still a few months away, I thought it would be fun to repurpose some toy boats into these cute Valentines.

Nautical Valentines | Snowdrop and Company
Nautical Valentines | Snowdrop and Company
Nautical Valentines | Snowdrop and Company

Materials: Toy boats, pink/red spray paint, pink paper, scissors, hot glue gun, marker, wooden skewers, tulle/mesh, twist tie, fish candies
Step 1: Spray paint your toy boats. Depending on the style of boat you have, you might be able to separate the tops and bottoms as shown below. Be sure to use spray paint suited for plastic - you can also apply a clear coat afterwards if you like.
Step 2: Let paint dry completely and reassemble your boats.
Step 3: Cut slips of pink paper and write your messages. We used "I like you a yacht", "You're a dreamboat", and "Valentine, you float my boat."
Step 4: You can choose to attach the note as a flag on your boat - just hot glue the paper onto one end of a wooden skewer.
Step 5: To add a slight wave to the note, gently curl the paper around a pen. Your flag will look like it's blowing in the breeze!
Step 6: Time to attach your notes to your boats! One of our boats had detachable accessories that once removed left a small hole perfect for the skewer on the flags. If your boats don't have this, you could easily apply the skewer to the back of the boat instead.
Step 7: To attach plain notes, simply apply a small dab of glue onto the boat and adhere the note.
Step 8: To make the "You're a catch!" candy bundles, write the note as before but hole punch one end. Put the candy fish into a small plastic net bag (often used to hold foil wrapped candy) and use a twist tie to attach the note and close. If you don't have a small mesh bag, instead cut down a big plastic mesh bag from produce or use a small square of tulle, gathering the corners together to close.
Nautical Valentines | Snowdrop and Company
Nautical Valentines | Snowdrop and Company

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