Monday, 16 February 2015

Song of the Sea: Art & Garlands

Ever since I saw it last week, I've been obsessed with the animated film Song of the Sea. It is so beautifully animated, it took my breath away. The story, characters, and soundtrack are just as beautiful and I left the theatre feeling so inspired and full of love and magic. I love that it continues to inspire my ideas for design and craft projects - I just can't get it out of my brain. Please go see it if you haven't already!

Watercolour Garland

When I'm not daydreaming about Song of the Sea, I've been busy apartment hunting and imagining each place furnished with our belongings. To keep track of dreamy DIY projects, furniture, and art I usually pin my inspiration to the Pinterest board I call live.

Watercolour Garland

I recently discovered that Minted has the most amazing selection of art; it's so easy to browse - you can sort by shape, size, style, and colour to find the perfect piece. You can even arrange your favourites into gallery wall style boards! I've named my board above Song of the Sea as a tribute to the film. I loved browsing through all the artists' work and gathering a small collection of art that makes me so happy and inspired.

Watercolour Garland

Once we decide on an apartment and settle in, I can't wait to put a gallery wall together. In the mean time though, I've made this simple garland inspired by my Song of the Sea board on Minted. Click through to see the full instructions.

Supplies: Watercolour paper, scrap paper, white acrylic paint, tape, string, ruler, pencil, scissors, paintbrush, watercolour crayons, pencil with unused eraser, cup of water.
Step 1: On a scrap piece of paper, scribble the watercolour crayons that you want to use. I used blue, green, purple, and black.
Step 2: With the paintbrush, apply water onto the coloured scribbles you just made, using that scrap of paper as a palette. Making long strokes and lots of water, paint the colours onto the watercolour paper. You have to act somewhat quickly when blending so that the water doesn't completely dry. When finished, let dry.
Step 3: Using the pencil eraser as a stamp, dip into white acrylic paint and apply dots in groupings all over the paper. Wipe the paint off the eraser. On scrap paper do another black scribble, apply water, dip the eraser in, and stamp more groupings. Let dry.
Step 4: With a ruler and a pencil, draw triangles 3" wide and 4" tall on the back of the paper. Cut out.
Step 5: Cut a piece of string and tape the string onto the top edge of the triangle backs.

Inspired by Song of the Sea
Inspired by Song of the Sea

The post is in collaboration with Minted - discover inspired art. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Snowdrop & Co possible.

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