Monday, 30 March 2015

Found Objects Garland

This whimsical garland is a great way to showcase small mementos that you can’t bear to part with. Mix in some buttons, ribbons, and cupcake liners and you’ve got a garland perfect for a party or even home décor.

Found Objects Garland | Snowdrop & Co

Found Objects Garland | Snowdrop & Co

Supplies: String, scissors, hot glue gun, nail, ribbon, small plastic toys, buttons, straws, mini honeycomb balls, cupcake liners.
Step 1: Cut a length of string 4 to 5 feet long. To attach a cupcake liner, pierce the centre with a nail and thread onto the string.
Step 2: For buttons, thread the string through one or more holes. Some buttons will stay put, but others might need a dab of hot glue on the back to keep from sliding around.
Step 3: To attach small plastic toys, apply a dot of glue onto the toy and press the string into it.
Step 4: Tie short pieces of ribbon directly onto the string.
Step 5: Most honeycomb balls come with self-adhesive dots to stay open, but use additional dots of hot glue to attach the honeycomb around the string.
Step 6: Cut straws into various lengths and thread onto the string. To keep the straws from sliding around, squeeze a small dot of glue into the end of the straw and attach to the string.

Found Objects Garland | Snowdrop & Co

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